Thursday, 3 January 2013

Albion Independent

As from today I will be working at Albion Independent in Cheltenham.
The website has just gone live and I'll probably be posting on there as there is a blog facility.

Head over and check it out and if you're in Cheltenham pop in and say hi

Also feel free to add us on facebook -

Monday, 19 November 2012

Time for a change..

Man, it seems to be the same old thing, I never seem to be able to keep this blog up to date!

On some other news I'll be leaving Mantra at the end of 2012.  I'll be sad to leave the guys and gals there but opportunities occur.
I'll be staying in Cheltenham and working with a close friend of mine in a new studio, we're in the process of painting the place up and getting it ready, keep an eye out here for updates on the new studio or just add me on 

The new website will have a blog and I'm thinking I'll probably phase this one out as it'll be easier to keep the studio blog up to date, exciting times!

On a side note here's a fox I finished on Sophie!  Loved doing this!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Newer stuff...

It's been months, it's so difficult keeping everything updated!!  That and I messed my arm up sparring in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, a novice at best and a small sparring session with a seasoned fighter left me taking a week of work and countless days without sleep... we all learn the hard way I guess.

Yeah so besides a slow recovery of my arm there's been some tattoos, I've adopted a few rotary machines and been trying them out so alot of these tattoos were done with them although I can't see myself leaving my coil machines, I just love the sound and feel of them.

In addition to all this I've managed to accumulate an instagram and twitter account to go along with facebook, it's a great way to publish your work but man, sometimes I feel you spend so much time trying to keep them all up to date!!!

Feel free to add or follow or whatever the site does :


and Instagram site, user is, wait for it, iknowshaun

Healed gypsy head on ash

Sacred heart, loved doing this, would love to do more like this

Healed owl on Jacko, did this about a year ago!

Some healed flowers and old school mic

Rose coverup

Alans poison dart frogs

So stoked for this piece, it's finished off as a half sleeve for now, just need to get some final pics

Koi coverup, 3 coverups going down under there

Monday, 14 May 2012

New stuff

Finally gotten around to posting some new stuff!  The shark and girl are healed.  You don't always get to see or even photograph the work you've done healed, people forget to pop in, life goes on etc... so I'm always up for getting a healed pic, it's nice to see the work settled in the skin.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A few new

Got to do this little fella while up at Hellcats in Hinckley, so much fun.  

Finished on Dave, thanks bud.

Did this about a year ago!!  Just got a pic, thanks for popping in Liam. :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Comic geekdom!!!!!

So, I've been working on a good friend Chris for awhile now.  He is a super comic geek and we all now comic geeks are the real super heroes!  He chose some of his fav characters and after sifting through them we decided on a few that would work.  Due to the nature of the spaces on his arm we had to work on they wouldn't fit as well as we'd liked but we got it to work in the end.  Pretty much linework and light grey shading, trying to keep the graphic feel to it as much as possible.  See if you can name em!


Been working on a few larger multiple session pieces lately so not much posting although I should take some WIP shots I guess.  Anyway, I was complaining that I can never take good photos to a client, Sheldon, next session he brought along his fancy shmancy camera, took a few pics and they came out great, grrrrr!!!!!  Here's one of em!  Looks like I'm gonna have to start saving pennies for a decent camera...

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Guest spot up at Hellcats!

I'll be doing a guest spot with the good folk of Hellcats Tattoo Parlour in Hickley from the 12th to the 17th of March this year.
I'm really enjoying guesting this year, real good to meet new people and see how other artists and studios work.

Pop in if you're interested in getting some work or just want to stop off and say hi.

Hellcats Tattoo Parlour

New shit

So slack at updating.. here goes...

Happy koi times

Some background to Laura's pea/owl 

Coverup of some tribal on Hayleys foot

Selena's sparrow, healed

Ruths ribbons and swallow/anchor


So I had the wonderful opportunity to go and work with a great crew in Edinburgh at Studio XIII.
Such a beautiful city, nice people, was a refreshing break for sure.  I think what I liked most is that there seemed to be a fair share of independently own shops, from coffee shops to jewellery, clothing, music, it makes a change from seeing fucking high street stores everywhere!
Did some sightseeing at the castle, the queens palace (I think that's what is was) and had a bit of a gruelling walk up Arthur's seat, not a great idea to pack a laptop in your bag when doing so...  I'd definitely  recommend Edinburgh to anyone though!
I'd really love to see more of Scotland, next time I need to try and get further up North!

Studio XIII

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Looking for guest spots in 2012, just in case the world ends....

Just on the off chance a tattooist or studio owner stumbles onto this blog, I'm looking to do some guest work in 2012.  Really keen on working with other artists, learning and meeting up with like minded people in the industry.
If you're looking for someone to help out part time/guest etc.. this year and you think it'll work then drop me an email on, not sure if I always put the same work up here as on facebook but just in case you can check my profile here (I uploaded the wrong link on TCGB!!!!!!)

It's all black and grey

Yep all black and grey and that goes for the weather too...
Anyway, got one in progress and one complete here.  Kind of a crappy pic of the Mary but it's the only decent photo without flash glare, the other angles suck!
The other is a half sleeve I started, black and grey gypsy staring into a crystal ball, still loads to do on it but it's going well.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tattoo Freeze

Headed up to Tattoo Freeze this past weekend with Lane we shared a double booth (and a hotel room where we got hooked on reality tv shows!).

The convention was up in Telford in a pretty large venue with lots going on.
We got up there on the Saturday, checked in and headed over to the convention center (it was a short walk from the hotel) to set up.  A great time to realise that I didn't bring any clamps to hang my backdrop up.. but with a little ingenuity and some needle bar bending we managed to forge something together.

It appears that Telford town center is actually a big shopping mall which houses the only restaurant in the town (according to hotel staff), a Chinese restaurant named Dragons Den, serving up buffet only meals (which I kinda have a pet peeve about).  Anyway, thanks Lane for dinner.  After that we ended up buying a whole cheesecake, crisps, nuts and chocolate for the hotel room, where we sat down, scoffed our faces and fittingly watched a reality tv show about fat people...

Sunday was good, got to the convention, setup workstations and waited for our clients.  We both had appointments already scheduled.  Throughout the day there was a steady stream of people, the organisers at Tattoo Freeze were really good to us and went to great lengths to help make it really comfortable for the artists and traders.

Anyway, here's a taken pic of Jame's mermaid sleeve that I worked on at the convention.  I wish I had more pics of the convention and artists but I lacked time.

There were some great artists in the lineup and was good to get a chance to see them work.  

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A couple completed

So the new year has started off with a manic streak, getting business cards done, prints, a backdrop for the convention and future ones, and generally catching up with drawing after the Christmas break.  Looking forward to this year though, gave up the ciggs and doing a bit of a detox for the first few months, we'll see if it works out though.

Definitely focused on more painting this year and working a bit more on my anatomy sketches.
Some nights when I just can't get to sleep I end up looking at artists work that aren't tattooists, people making a living from their art in different ways, be it advertising, art shows, magazines etc.... I get really jealous at the amount of detail they can put in their work, the subtleties and small colour transitions.  I'd love to encorporate more detail in some of my work but I've always got this guilty feeling over my head that  skin doesn't age like a canvas, lines bleed out, small colour transitions on a minute scale wilt away after years.  The client has to carry the art through all types of weather and I really want my work to be readable and aesthetically pleasing after decades.
This usually means that when I draw something I'm trying to find a balance in my designs, what I want the piece to look like, how much detail I can add in, what size I'd have to do something to make it work in the skin and age well... It's a constant battle in my head!  This year I'm gonna focus on finding my balance when designing for tattoos, and try and go to town in my painting and make it as detailed as I want, 2 extremes maybe, but the more I tattoo the more I realise skin as a medium requires it's own set of rules, but that doesn't mean I have to stick to them in my painting.  Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Ok so here's some tattoos.

Done on Ben, he's in the forces so the crown and horn are from his cap badge, the phoenix and text throughout the sleeve all relate to the forces, his experiences and his family.  All in all took us 3 sessions over a couple of months as he's off to Kenya soon, safe travels dude.

New skool peacock on Laura, it's facing an Owl that I did on her inner lower arm, still got some background to add in and tie it all together, good fun and well sat Laura.

First Japanese piece of the year, looking forward to finishing this and getting some more oriental work in, especially flowers!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tattoo Freeze 2012

First convention for a while but what better way to meet up with some other artists and hit the new year with a killer convention.

Lane and I will be sharing a booth at Tattoo Freeze.  It's a one day event on Sunday January 15th.
I'm probably gonna have a few small pieces painted and hope to tickle someones fancy with 'em.  If anyone wants a piece done that can be done in a day or a few hours then hit me up, I've got the afternoon left open at the moment.

Pavo madness!

So yeah, ages ago I did this sketch for a sleeve, it turned out we had to move to the ribs and the initial design was too large and didn't quite fit so I drew another one.
In the meantime this peacock sketch was littering my drawing board for months.  Finally got the time to paint it.  Had a load of fun doing this actually, mixing each colour instead of using watercolours straight from the tube, learnt loads, and wasted soooo much paint in the process, but worth the experimenting.

I'm in the process of getting a one off limited edition run of 20 A3 giclee prints of this, hit me up if you're interested.

Some more tatties

A few more either finished or ongoing.

Start of a mermaid old school sleeve.

Finally got to tattoo a yellow koi!!!! Thanks Paul!

Crappy, bleedy pic, hopefully get something healed soon.

Fun, fun, fun

More on the mermaid sleeve, Charlottes' on an awesome trip travelling through Europe at the moment, hope it's a blast!

Initially we tattooed the girl and a little later Shaun came in and wanted to extend it with the roses and background, really enjoyed working on this!

Some work in progress

So winter has finally started to settle in which is good really, keeps me inside at night with some time to paint!
In the mean time here's a few in progress tattoos that have been started or carried on.

Start of Danny's chest, was an honour to start this off, he came in with a great idea.  So looking forward to playing around with some background colours and giving this a real wartime feel.

Got to do some more on Matts chest, hopefully get this finished early in the new year

James' wicked mermaid sleeve, pretty much lined with some work to do on the top half, we all know mermaids are evil right?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Trying out another camera!

I've been trying yet another camera and numerous settings to get some decent photographs.  I'm pretty sure it's because the florescent lights are too low as the ceiling is pretty low and knowing little about how to set the camera up for that.. well it pretty much sucks and it's a series of trial and error that will hopefully one day lead me to taking decent pics of tattoos.

Finished this on Simon today, don't get to do alot of this kind of thing, has you working a little differently which is pretty cool

One more session to go on Alex's side piece, can't wait to blacken the hair!


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New and old stuff

I suck at keeping this blog up to date....
Anyway here's a few new, some old but finished and a painting thrown in the mix.

Did this on Jessica, she had this idea of a mermaid trapped by a jellyfish, which is just as well 'cause that's what we tattooed on her.

Painted this for the art exhibit, the best thing about this has to be the frame, it was so cool to find this frame second hand!!! I would've liked to have done it justice and fit a painting specifically to it but time was real tight with getting paintings done for the exhibit that I failed on that count, still enjoyed painting it.

Finally finished Dan's chest piece... we hummed and haaaa'd (???) about the background and had ideas to set the world on fire, but we settled for some light black and grey shading instead...

A rose, a black one at that.

Got to complete Danny's leg, some random stuff going on but it fits the brief he gave me and be honest, a bulldog smoking a cigar is an opportunity not to be missed.